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More Married Millennial Women Choose to Stay at Home and It's Not As Antiquated As You Think

  • Fri, 13 Oct 2017 14:57
Post by Kathleen Wong.

Thanks to technology and other social progressions, the roles of being a wife and mother are beginning to blend with all the other facets of someone's life. No longer is someone just a stay-at-home Stepford wife, nor does a woman have to forgo a family in order to pursue her career. Basically, millennial women are finding themselves at the helm of a myriad of lifestyle choices.  

According to the Pew Research Center, now more than ever, more women are staying at home with the kids. And what's more, millennial women are choosing to become parents, especially as they enter their 30s. 

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Beyond that, women who stay at home are finding that their arrangements are actually helping their marriages, according to Refinery29. It sounds like something that goes against the contemporary attitude of women having worked hard to gain traction in the workplace, but it could actually be seen as more egalitarian than we usually think.

A recent Op-Ed in The New York Times confirmed this shift back to conventional familial arrangements. Millennials are struggling to balance working and parenting (arguably a full-time job in itself) for both partners -- especially with the current landscape of work-family policies in the United States, like poor maternity leave. 

Parents who prioritize family time may find that having one partner take care of the household and the other work weekdays frees up family time on the weekends and evenings.   Even those without kids find this arrangement beneficial, especially for the working partner's careerpath. "He can focus on his job knowing that I am taking care of everything at home," Brittany Dixon, a married woman in North Carolina, told Refinery29. "We are pulling our weight in different ways but both giving 100 percent."    More from CafeMom: 20 Best Tattoos That Show You Love Your Husband    For some people, reading these stories seem counterintuitive to whatever it means to have a "modern marriage," aka having a stay-at-home dad or not having kids at all. How can these women want this, especially if 2016 research just proved that couples who divide the housework equally are more satisfied in their relationships than those who had unfair housework distribution?   
  "It’s about the perception of fairness in the relationship," Daniel Carlson, one of the researchers of that very study told Refinery29. "Egalitarian couples have a higher sense of teamwork." It's not just one partner picking up the slack, but a deliberate arrangement between them.   Ultimately, it all boils down to one word: choice, which is also at the crux of having more women in the workplace or not becoming mothers. "For those who choose these conventional arrangements, there can be a lot of satisfaction in that, if this is what you want," Carlson said. "And that is what matters." The Stir by CafeMom


Harvard Business Review

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