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NFL Haiku Picks, Week Six

  • Fri, 13 Oct 2017 09:20

Image: Dave Parker via Flickr

10/12 8:25 ET At Carolina -3 Philadelphia

Cam Newton doesn’t
Respect women reporters
And must be destroyed



10/15 1:00 ET At Houston -10 Cleveland

The Cleveland Browns are
A human caterpillar
Of awful football



10/15 1:00 ET New England -9.5 At NY Jets

Game of the Jets’ year
It’s a Gang Green Super Bowl
Carpe diem, Jets



10/15 1:00 ET At Atlanta -11.5 Miami

The Dolphins should play
Teams without their best QBs
Every frigging week



10/15 1:00 ET At New Orleans -5 Detroit

I like the Lions
Even though they don’t score much
Until fourth quarter



10/15 1:00 ET Green Bay -3.5 At Minnesota

Aaron Rodgers can
Do anything except make
Funny commercials



10/15 1:00 ET At Baltimore -6.5 Chicago

Mark Trubisky is
A starting quarterback in
The NFL now



10/15 1:00 ET At Washington -10 San Francisco

The Niners are great
At kneeling but bad at all
Other football stuff

PICK: 49ers


10/15 4:05 ET At Jacksonville -2.5 LA Rams

Jacksonville seems like
A magical place filled with
Delightful people



10/15 4:05 ET Tampa Bay -2.5 At Arizona

The Cardinals couldn’t
Win small fries in McDonald’s
Monopoly game



10/15 4:25 ET At Kansas City -4 Pittsburgh

It’s tough to win in
Kansas City because the
BBQ’s so good



10/15 4:25 ET At Oakland -3 LA Chargers

The Next Sheldon Show
CBS should make should be
Young Zombie Sheldon



10/15 8:30 ET At Denver -12 NY Giants

The Giants don’t have
Any wide receivers and
should punt on first down



10/16 8:30 ET At Tennessee Off Indianapolis

New female boy scouts
Are going to put male boy scouts
To grim, complete shame



Last week’s Haiku Picks went 7-7. Sorry.

The Awl


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