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ShortsTV launches on YoufoneTV

  • Thu, 14 Sep 2017 08:39

ShortsTV has launched its linear TV channel on YoufoneTV, the new OTT TV service offered by SIM-only provider Youfone in the Netherlands.

The channel, which is fully localised in Dutch, is the world’s first and only TV channel dedicated to short movies.

Available across the US and Europe, ShortsTV brings audiences professionally produced live action, animation and documentary short movies from the Netherlands and around the world, including hours of award winning and star-studded shorts. ShortsTV also creates its own original programming, putting the spotlight on both emerging and established talent and bringing viewers into the fast-paced world of short filmmaking.

In the Netherlands, the channel is already available on Ziggo in their Movies & Series XL package and on Delta in their Plus Package.

“We are delighted to be a launch partner on Youfone’s new TV service and further extend our distribution in the Netherlands,” said Jesse Bergsma, ShortsTV EMEA President.

“YoufoneTV allows everyone to watch TV on the go across multiple devices, which is a perfect fit for ShortsTV, as our films are easily consumed either at home or on your daily commute. In the time it takes you to catch a train or bus to work, you can enjoy a high quality short movie from anywhere in the world.”

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